What is Loktantra?

Loktantra is a portal for “Discovering Leaders”. At loktantra, the power of the internet is used to bridge the gap between the electorate and the leaders who have the potential to inspire and change.

What is the objective of Loktantra?

The primary endeavor of Loktantra is to create a new line of leadership at all levels and across all fields (political, social, business, professional, etc) by providing the essential networks and platforms for people to interact and showcase their agenda. This new line of leadership would transform daily life of people in the country by promoting relevant issues and championing worthy causes at all levels.

What’s in it for the audience?

  • Be a part of democracy, not by merely voting but by actively participating.
  • Make sure you select right people to lead India
  • Help India fight terrorism and other social malaises by involving conscientious people to govern India
  • If you wish to usher in purposeful changes – start with LokTantra.com – you can make a real impact!
  • You need to voice an opinion, ask your leaders pertinent questions, or feel the need for a constitutional amendment – then LokTantra is the place!
  • If you want the right people to rule – choose the right platform – choose LokTantra.com

What’s in it for you as a Developer?

  • We implore the wizards of technology to join hands with us to participate in India’s development.
  • Be a part of the metamorphosis of the lives of a billion Indians, and six billions world citizens.
  • Don’t join us for enhancing your reputation as a top notch technologist. You may already have done that. Join us for being the change that you wish to see.
  • Feel free to work on whatever you want – creativity will be the core ingredient of the success of LokTantra.com
  • You can make your family and friends, proud of you!