LokTantra.org is a website dedicated to the development of Loktantra platform - a platform to enable leaders connect. Loktantra started of as a concept in early-2008 without a single line of code.

You can know more on the Loktantra Concept here, and About Us here.

What’s in it for you as a Developer?

  • We implore the wizards of technology to join hands with us to participate in India’s development.
  • Be a part of the metamorphosis of the lives of a billion Indians, and six billions world citizens.
  • Don’t join us for enhancing your reputation as a top notch technologist. You may already have done that. Join us for being the change that you wish to see.
  • Feel free to work on whatever you want – creativity will be the core ingredient of the success of LokTantra.com
  • You can make your family and friends, proud of you!

Feel free to drop in your suggestions/comments to us at admin@loktantra.com